Business Valuation

Business Valuation The valuation of a business or an enterprise it’s a key analytic tool to make strategic decisions. By valuating we can quantify the assets of your commercial activity, the potential of the business or other elements that can be evaluated.

  • Are you self-employed or a PIME and want to sell your business, but you don’t know its value?

We will analyse and valuate your business using the most common methods, in an objective way, getting to find the right value of your business in other to sell it as fast as possible. We are going to prepare an objective assessment report.

  • Do you want to buy a business but you don’t know if the price they offer is the right price? If that business really has that value?

We will help you analyze the value of the business: if it is a fair price, if there may be factors that must be discounted in the sale price, how long you can recover your investment… We will provide you with the value of a company in a reliable and real way according to its financial and business situation.